Artistic Statement

LucidBeings Dance is under the direction of artists, Franki Graham and Jeanna Riscigno. The two are jointly compelled in their pursuit to awaken a collective awareness of what it means to exist. Dance, as a form of communication, gives the intangible shape and embodies a collective understanding of ideas and experiences. Using phrases of movement to incite empathy, performances can become a catalyst for promoting compassion. LucidBeings is impelled by the desire to break open the Self and recognize the way thoughts, choices, and energies impact all beings. Through movement, the two stimulate an environment for wonder and inquisition about the nature of our universe and the forgotten network that ties it all together. By creating and expressing, with dance as the medium, harmony is brought to the mind, body and spirit. Weaving realities together, bounding toward infinite layers of questioning, and promoting unhindered thoughtfulness- LucidBeings, in it’s essence, carries our minds toward a collective seat of consciousness. Here, we are able to cleanse ourselves of societal distractions. Here, we can realize the magnitude of our true magnificence: Our oneness.