Workshops, Master Classes and Residencies

Franki and Jeanna teach dancers of all ages and abilities in various school, studio, and university settings throughout the DMV area. In particular, Franki's passion and experience teaching dance in the public school system provides a great platform for engagement with the company as she holds her K-12 Dance Education certification for the State of Maryland and has worked with underprivileged student populations for the past 5 years. As a team, Franki and Jeanna enjoy leading partnering sessions but are happy to customize a class based on the unique needs of your dancers!


Commissioned Choreography

Franki and Jeanna both love to meet new people and learn more about the members of their dance community! The two have a unique way to engage with the creative process that is both organic and dynamic, and they love being able to share the creative process with new groups. Their creative work together tends to highlight relationships among people and emphasize authenticity. Their work can be commissioned for your next concert or performance!


Students with Special Needs

Jeanna has 11 years of experience as a Behavioral Therapist for children, teenagers and adults with special needs, with a certification in Applied Behavioral Analysis and Autism Movement Therapy. She enjoys running adaptive workshops and classes for the special needs population as a way to engage and inspire students through dance.