Permeating Presence was reviewed by RVArt!

The program opened with Permeating Presence, a quartet by Maryland-based LucidBeings Dance choreographed by Franki Graham and Jeanna Riscigno. The movement comes from the inside out, and is affected by gravitational pull, variable balances, and other outside forces. The words that come to mind in describing this dance are organic and organism
— Juliana D. Lewis, 2018

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Permeating Presence is a gorgeous piece of choreography that had my eyes shooting from one dancer to the next throughout the performance. This piece was filled with surprise moments and many overlapping segments. I found myself widening my eyes and saying “wow” when I saw this performed for the first time at the Baltimore Dance Invitational. I felt the need to see this piece a second time to really wrap my head around what was happening and not get caught up in the consistent surprise moments and beauty. This piece is definitely one I could watch over and over again and still find something new and wonderful about it each time I view it.
— Shianne Antoine, 2018

We are so humbled to have received the 2018 Choreographers' Showcase Audience Choice Award at the 35th Annual Choreographers' Showcase.

THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts!!!