Photo Credit: Jonathan Hsu

Photo Credit: Jonathan Hsu

Franki Graham , co-artistic director

As told by husband Dan:

Franki dances a lot, some people might say she dances too much, but this writer is not "some people."  From an early age Franki has been a performer, appearing in enough dances that to this day she still regularly hears previously unnoticed music on the radio and casually comments "I did a dance to this song" (the current count is somewhere in the 90s).  It doesn't have anything to do with dance, but people should know Franki was crowned Miss Frederick 2009.  Following high school, Franki went to UMBC, where she learned stuff about the world and dance or whatever, BUT, more importantly she also met a dorky guy who would one day become her husband.  Her studies took her abroad to London where she lived and danced for a year-long study abroad experience, and where she gladly returned to join a Masters Program.  She performed throughout Europe while working on her Masters and worked as a librarian briefly.  Although she spent two full years out of the country, not even the Atlantic Ocean could lessen the warm and fuzzy feelings between her and her-soon-to-be-hubby.  After Franki returned, she married that dork she met in college, and promptly joined a handful of dance companies in the Baltimore/DC area.  Her desire to engage people with kick-ass art led her and her bff, Jeanna, to form LucidBeings Dance.  Franki can be seen performing all over the place with a bunch of companies, and every night in our kitchen.  Beyond her fondness for dance, Franki is a master-class pun-maker, neat-freak, and coffee-addict.  She currently lives with her strikingly handsome husband and their seven house plants in a barn.

Franki's "other" credentials:

  • M.A. Dance Performance, Trinity Laban Conservatoire of Music and Dance
  • B.A. Dance, University of Maryland Baltimore County
  • K-12 Maryland Teaching Certification
  • Dance Faculty, Anne Arundel County Public Schools Performing and Visual Arts Magnet Program and the Peabody Preparatory of the John's Hopkins Institute
  • Previously Performed with: Transitions Dance Company, Deep Vision Dance Company
  • Currently Performs with: RebollarDance, Kinetics Dance Theatre and Baltimore Dance Project

Jeanna Riscigno, co-artistic director

As told by sister Sophs:

Jeanna Riscigno can be described as a tree in a human’s body. From the time she first sprouted into a twig she has reached toward the sun and not a cloud in the sky has stood in her way. A passion for movement and expression, mixed with an insatiable itch to travel, have carried her around the world. From her roots in Maryland all the way to New York, Germany, California, the middle of the ocean and back- where ever there is earth to dance on Jeanna is certain to dig her feet in. Jeanna’s branches are far reaching and ever expanding. She worked as a Behavioral Therapist with children and young adults on the Autism spectrum for over ten years. The experiences she had with these individuals were uniquely challenging, invaluable, and would continue to impact her life for years. She finds inspiration in anything from a patch of moss to a friend’s philosophy on life. Those close to Jeanna know these things to be true: you can find her wearing excessive earth-tones, snuggling with her dog Dexter, listening to early 2000’s R&B and if you dig deep enough you’ll find a picture of her winning the crown as Miss Frederick 2007. While she may not live her life rooted in only one place, she remains grounded in her pursuit to find beauty and connection between all living beings on our great planet and Lucid Beings is just one way to share this with the world. 

Jeanna's "other" credentials:

  • B.F.A Dance Performance, Towson University
  • Autism Movement Therapy Certified 
  • Previously Performed with: Disney Cruise Line, Kybele Dance Theater, DanceArt, The Collective, Alternative Dance Project
  • Currently Performs with: Deep Vision Dance Company, Kinetics Dance Theatre
Photo Credit: Jonathan HSU

Photo Credit: Jonathan HSU

Photo Credit: Jonathan Hsu

Photo Credit: Jonathan Hsu

Catherine David, dancer 

As told by boyfriend Billy: 

Catherine David was born during a temperate May evening. She was weeping and hungry. The weeping is of little importance, the hunger is worth noting. That hunger drove her to secure a coveted role in the Tchaikovsky classic, "That Christmas Ballet with Toy Soldiers and Mice", while still just a pup in her dance company "Arab-ish". She later lettered as a Varsity Dance Club team dancer. While there, she danced with a hat and baton to Michael Jackson numbers. She also danced without a hat and baton to the BUSH classic "Machine Head", which this biographer thinks is a tragically under rated masterpiece. It was at this time, dancing with or without batons and hats, that she met her friend and tennis doubles partner, Alex Crabs. Later, but not too much later, like a normal amount later (we are talking Goldilocks figures here), she did some dancing in Towson. It was at Towson where she learned how to dance in the air with those hangy things from the ceilings that never cease to make a middle aged viewer exclaim, "Wow they are high!." Despite her parents concerns, Catherine has appeared to suffer no lasting injuries. She has however been known to sit in front of the TV and watch The Office for hours without moving an inch. Is that an effect from the dancing? You know as much as me, but further research is needed.  If her dance needed to be likened to an animal, the biographer could do that after a short period of reflection.  She is very much looking forward to starting her new chapter of dance, by dancing, with her new dance company. Wombat.

Catherine's "other" credentials:

  • B.F.A. Dance Performance and Education, Towson University
  • M.A. Social Work LGSW, University of Maryland, Batimore
  • Aerial Teaching Certificate, Nimble Arts
  • Previously Perfomed with: Burklyn Ballet Theatre, Six Flags America, Baltimore Aerial Dance, DEVIATED THEATRE

Alex Krebs, dancer

As told by best friend Catherine:

Alex Krebs began dancing when she was a little girl. The biographer did not know her then, but if they were to guess, Alex was the 8-year-old telling all the other 8-year old’s where to stand in the dance. Little Alex was probably the only one to know all the Arabesque positions, and let’s face it- who really does? Alex found herself on the Dance Company at Hammond High School, where she met the biographer, who was most likely somersaulting down the theatre aisles at the time. Here, Alex travelled to Disney World to perform for mice and small princesses. She decided that she liked dance quite a bit and she would do it some more. She can also sing and act by the way, just a little ball of talent this one. Alex went to Howard Community College where she performed in many a dance show and played the most captivating Bebe Benzeheimer from a Chorus Line community college has ever seen. She then went to UMBC where she became famous for being able to look amazing on stage simply standing still (She looks awesome doing dancy things too of course). Alex is one of the lucky few who can rock any hair color. She enjoys a cup of iced coffee and a bowl of queso, but maybe not together. Something most people don’t know about Alex is that she has a knack for writing humorous haikus.

Alex's "other" credentials:

  • B.A. Dance, University of Maryland Baltimore County
  • Adjunct Dance Faculty, Howard Community College
  • Apprentice Company Director, Kinetics Dance Theatre
  • Previously Performed with: Baltimore Dance Project, Megapolis Music Festival, Akimbo (Baltimore), Artscape (Baltimore)
  • Currently Performs with: Masala Soul Project, Kinetics Dance Theatre
Photo Credit: Jonathan Hsu

Photo Credit: Jonathan Hsu

Photo Credit: Jonathan Hsu

Photo Credit: Jonathan Hsu

Daniel Graham

As told by wife Franki:

Dan Graham is a cardigan wearing boat-builder, book lover, coffee fanatic, tool enthusiast, history geek and general jack (or Dan)-of-all trades. His love of puns and dad joke are present in all aspects of his day, and his inability to see the negative in a situation has earned him the title of the (sometimes annoying) "Bright-sider." Dan spends his day enriching the lives of unsuspecting high school students in Annapolis, regularly blowing their minds with questions of how we know if anything is actually real. This typically results in books being thrown off desks in exasperation, and the young minds of tomorrow leaving the classroom wondering if they even exist (a noble cause, to be sure). Dan is also working on his Ph.D. in history, and is regularly found buried in a mountain of books on the living room floor of the barn apartment he shares with his wife (she loves being surrounded by them at all times). His dissertation topic has something to do with rubber as a strategic commodity, and if you are lacking for points of conversation with him, this writer might suggest starting with this classic "So how's the dissertation coming?" Beyond his striking intellect and charisma that will someday land him a job as an NPR host, Dan regularly runs into walls. He doesn't mean to, he just lacks spatial awareness and the public should be warned.

Dan would also like you to know...

"I keep showing up, and they just keep giving me things to do."  Dan Graham, 2017